How to save a marriage when your spouse has feelings for another person

How to save a marriage when your spouse has feelings for another person


The fastest and most effective guide to saving marriage:

In emotional states, love is one of the most elusive and elusive states. We agree to overcome all the challenges to get together, the wedding being the last step of the boat of love in the hope that we will be a great happiness.
Many couples still love after years of attachment, but why marriage is not happy. Or an apparently perfect wedding, everyone secretly admires. Yet a third person may seem to form a difficult split to heal.
If you are no longer in love, you always cry what you want to save your marriage, why not join hands to be satisfied, so that you do not have to go home together, but tired for life. Probably because we are without love, it always means that living together has become a "habit", so separating is not enough to stay together.
Because of love, space, time and things seem to stay still to prove the love of a couple. Then, I told myself that after the wedding, the sex would be salty, but no doubt everyone sighed because of the shallow, salty sweetness.
Marriage provides security, but it also creates barriers and rules that both must follow to ensure the promise of loyalty alone. The requirements seem to satisfy your desires. Then, until one day, the family must be the most peaceful place, maintaining the most underground waves of the couple's life.
You know him and you marry him all these years so that it is not difficult for you to understand what your spouse wants and needs in the marriage. What he wants is a spouse so that he can confide in, share and be a strong back in order to build a career in complete safety.
The wedding car trip full of love now suddenly empty. Instead of giving himself love now, he sends you heavy words, anxiety, jealousy without hope.
Do not justify your betrayal, but have the courage to accept it as an accident, a tragedy where you do not trust yourself. The more couples love each other, the more they live side by side, the more they are "thirsty" and are difficult to separate. Conversely, there is also love that goes very far, because the two are just trying to live one for each other because of the memories that, alas, have disappeared when l '. love is dead.
You live together as a habit, so it's boring for a long time. The love brings freshness, novelty, attractiveness and surprise to bring the two souls closer together. It is only when we stop falling in love that a sigh and a fault begin to appear and that a conflict begins to appear.
He contacted a third person, probably alone, who wants to be heard, shared and friendly on a daily basis. Sometimes we say we need each other, but we get lost because what you need is not necessarily what you want.
Men who have a good career, they want to be cared for, pampered, rented more. The fact is that they will have trouble expressing their own desires as they play the role of a macho man in almost every situation in life.
Love is like a lush and unnatural tree that requires our daily care. Each family will be like a different tree and will therefore need different care to cultivate happiness in the long run.
If you still love it and want to save your marriage, start learning to love yourself from the beginning. He has shown himself uncooperative because he still thinks he's at fault, so instead of trying to protest or be sad because of his way of speaking, create him gently a safe space. Can share with you without spontaneous anger without cause.
When they do not like each other, people will not be generous enough to forgive themselves for their faults. Thus, the story between you two is not only an obstacle to communication, but also to awaken the feelings of love that are cooling in your own marriage.
Do not just see the negatives of each other, start with the strengths of both to fill your arsenal of love every day. Recognize the heart of the problem, put the love of family first, choose the most comfortable time to talk, share and change the habits of the past to create an innovative relationship between husband and wife that can save the marriage.

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    How to save a marriage when your spouse has feelings for another person

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